Kickstarter Picks

Kickstarter Picks

There is undeniable strength in numbers. When a collective of people galvanize to one greater good it seems almost nothing can stop the common goal of the masses. To what end do we as a society use that strength in numbers you might wonder. Why to bring back cancelled shows from our childhood of course, Netflix's Fuller House anyone? However it's one thing to voice an opinion, and it's another thing completely to back that opinion up with cold hard cash. Crowd funding service Kickstarter is the home of putting your money where your mouth is, whether you want to back a bowl of guacamole or a reboot of reading rainbow. Kickstarter is also home to many an innovation and honestly great projects that might never have seen the light of day following traditional methods of fund raising, have a chance to make an impact. Here I'll mention a few in relation to photography/videography that may pop up on our collective radars sooner than later. 


Bevel is a nifty little add on for your smart phone that gives the user the ability to take 3D photos.


Revolutionize the way you post food pics on Facebook

While this may be more of a novelty at this point than practical application, just because I have a 3d tv that I've used once for 5 seconds before developing a mild headache, doesn't mean some budding genius can't figure a way to apply this new device to shock the world. One potential drawback to this smart phone add on is that it uses the headphone jack to connect






and if the rumors swirling around the upcoming iPhone are true then Bevel might lose a significant chunk of its potential market share without a change in design. 

The Lumenati CS1




The Lumenati CS1 turns your smartphone into a film cartridge as you load it into the camera body or cinematic smart case. The body integrates with the phone to utilizing the vintage design as it screams out "Are you ready for your close up!". All in all there might be some practical uses for this as the Lumenati also acts as a grip to stabilize your shots somewhat while offering a more favorable wide angle lens to shoot with and if classic is your thing then the Lumenati CS1 is where functionality meets form in terrific fashion. 



Where Lumenati went vintage IndieVice went modern... Perhaps a little too modern. The excitement of shooting with a phone is the small form factor and while the IndieVice offers the option to attach high quality glass on the business end of this rig, there is nothing small about this form when fully set up. It would make more sense to just lug out the DSLR or mirrorless full frame and go to town instead of gussying up your smart phone to a lesser effect.

Update: Kickstarter pulled the IndieVice project over possible infringement.













As someone who has about 3500 pictures on my phone at any given moment I am definitely intrigued with Prynt, not to mention I recall an era where the 20 seconds waiting for a polaroid picture to develop into reality was filled with wonder and excitement. Prynt says it's a cellphone case, however as it looks to be twice as large as the cell phone it attaches to, it's not so much a case as something you'd use as needed. Print also manages to capture video via a photo print through their software and the results look fun to say the least. 

                                             Maybe this can help revitalize the days of actually printing out photos. 

Light L16 Camera 

Photo Courtesy: Light (

While the Light L16 camera may have gotten funding from a Kickstarter round, they have raised money via traditional methods as well and this might be the most ambitious of all the projects listed. The Light camera seeks to change the landscape of photography by not only offering DSLR quality imagery found in the form factor of a cell phone, but also aiming to modify how pictures are processed in post. Due to the 16 lenses, of which a varying 10 are active for each photo depending on settings, you get a level of control that a DSLR clearly wouldn't have. It's hard to say much more without having a hands on review of the camera, but if it lives up to what is say it can do then the landscape of photography may change for the better. 

We look forward to getting some hands on with these products as they come to market.  



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