Zeiss Brings High-End Glass to Smartphones

Zeiss Brings High-End Glass to Smartphones

Lens add ons for smart phones aren't a new thing. For a while now there have been options ranging from simple snap on and shoot lenses to whole systems that require you to use a specific casing to use the included lenses and while some are more of a novelty, other higher quality lenses command a price in the range of 100-200 dollars a piece. 

As phone cameras have evolved at a seemingly exponential pace, along with both photography and video capabilities, you'd wonder if there is a market for 3rd party lens manufacturer add ons. Zeiss is banking on the answer being a resounding yes. 

With the aforementioned advancements to camera phones, not only did the ease of use introduce a whole new crop of enthusiasts to photography, but the rigs added on to cell phones turning them into full fledged cinema cameras suggest that Zeiss might be prime to corner a market. Zeiss teamed up with Fellowes' Exolens Brand to work on a snap on bracket that allows you to swap out the different Zeiss lenses which include a Telephoto, Wide Angle and Zoomable Macro. Zeiss' Telephoto, Wide Angle and Zoomable Macro lenses

Here are some sample images pulled from Zeiss' website. 

photo by Topher Delancy


photo by Topher Delancy


photo by Christian Dandyk


photo by John Win

These lenses are expected to be available sometime 2nd quarter of 2016.     

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