Some of the Most Iconic NYC Film Locations

Some of the Most Iconic NYC Film Locations

The term location location location, doesn't just apply to real estate. The right setting can make or break a movie and NYC has been the setting to many iconic films. An interesting post at showcases some of the locations used in 25 timeless films, here are a few examples. 


This photo is an overlay from the poster art of Woody Allen's movie Manhattan. The location is at the very end of 58th street, it seems however that the bench overlooking the east river is no longer there. 


Midnight CowboyThe famous "I'm Walkin Here!" scene that wasn't scripted from Midnight Cowboy took place at 1414 6th avenue at 57th street. 


ManhattanThis row boat scene, another scene from Manhattan, was shot near Central Park's Bow Bridge. This vantage point is just north of the famous Bethesda Fountain. 


The WarriorsThe cult classic The Warriors, of which I'm a cult member, takes place throughout a gritty late 70's era NYC. This shot here is of The Warriors back on their home turf, having evaded and fought gangs all night to get back home. 

Godfather 2The Godfather 2, who some would argue is the greatest film of all time, was filmed in part in Manhattan's Lower East Side. This shot was taken on 6th street between avenue A and B only one block over from Tompkins Square Park. 

Literally thousands of films feature NYC as the setting and in some cases silent character that weaves together a myriad of compelling narratives, and as any resident can attest to new productions are taking place every day. Check out the original post at to further explore a snippet of NYC's cinematic history. 

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